LIBERTY — Councilman Greg Duncan seeks to maintain his seat on the Liberty City Council in the city’s 2nd Ward. He faces challenger Lee Murdock on the April 2 ballot.

Joseph Duncan, who is running for mayor against incumbent Lyndell Brenton, is no relation to Greg Duncan.

To help voters educate themselves on where candidates stand on issues, each council candidate was asked about issues facing the city.

How do you define the role of a city councilman?

Duncan: “It is the job of every City Council member to represent the best interests of the citizens of Liberty, across the widest spectrum of issues, and with particular insight into his or her own ward. This role requires the constant and careful balance between innovation and tradition, between revenue generation and prudent investment, and especially between individual concerns and collective good.”

Murdock: “The role of a city councilman is to value and serve each member of their community, in humility, regarding the interests of those in the community above their own.”

What is your No. 1 goal for your term, if elected?

Duncan: “A single goal for a city like Liberty is difficult to pinpoint. A primary reason I decided to run again was to see to fruition the many exciting projects just getting underway such as the new animal shelter, neighborhood park improvements, and of course the (Interstate) 35/(Missouri Highway) 152/291 construction. In these and many other aspects, we have strategically gained tremendous momentum, and we must make the right decisions to keep it going.”

Murdock: “Better infrastructure.”

What areas of economic development does Liberty need to improve as the city continues to grow, and how, as a city councilman, will you work to improve them?

Duncan: “With the completion of South Liberty Parkway, we must focus on quality adjacent development. This represents critical revenue opportunity and will impact the quality of life and services for our citizens for years to come. We need to continue to expand the quantity and mix of residential housing inside our city limits. As the market allows, we need to promote industrial development in the northern part of our city.”

Murdock: “Land use and sustainable housing growth. As councilman, I will work with community leaders to reuse existing assets, design for minimum waste, minimize energy use and pollution, conserve resources and respect the community. Consideration should be given to all who may be impacted by a project.”

Do you support the pit bull ban, and how will you seek to help animal control carry out the will of the people?

Duncan: “I voted to have the question put on the ballot in April. Our current ordinance was put there by citizen action, and it is appropriate that Liberty’s citizens have their direct say in whether to change it. I will cast my vote just like everyone else, and I will support the outcome of the election.”

Murdock: “I support the safety of each member of our community, especially the children, and encourage everyone to (register and) vote on the ballot item in April.”

Southeast Editor Kellie Houx can be reached at or 389-6630. 

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