LIBERTY — Mayor Lyndell Brenton will take the mayor’s oath of office for the fifth time on Monday, April 12, in Liberty. In reacting to his win Tuesday, April 6, Brenton told the Courier-Tribune the first word that comes to mind is “humbling.” Brenton captured 83% of the 2,285 votes cast, according to the unofficial count from the Clay County Election Board. “I appreciate the confidence of the citizens with their votes,” he said. “I would be remiss if I didn’t give credit to the high-performing council and city staff, both are part of these accomplishments.” Brenton said the city continues to be progressive in appealing to industries and housing developments. “I look forward to the next two years as I get to help move Liberty forward,” he said. “I am just thankful and humble by the vote; it’s as much about the city staff and council as it is me.” The mayor said the collective council and city staff are responsive and thoughtful about every issue from the simplest to the most challenging. “We endeavor to come up with the best solutions we can,” he said. “First and foremost, we won’t get back to the old normal, but we will find our post-pandemic normal. Then there are the social issues that are driving conversation such as cemetery Block 174 and the proposed memorial.” Brenton said he wants to see the council address these issues as well as create an intentional approach to inclusion. “I do want to be cautious that we keep all the balls in the air,” he said. “Liberty and the Northland are hot items for growth. I know I want to be part of helping Liberty continue on its positive trajectory. We live in a great community and we all share in the credit with what Liberty is. I want to keep leaning on them as we walk through all the decisions from race to development to whatever decision it is. I want us to lean on each other and be thoughtful.”

Lyndell Brenton

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