KEARNEY — Based on unofficial election results from the Clay County Board of Election Commissioners Tuesday, June 2, Kearney School Board will see two new faces and one familiar one as voters elected Bree Switzer and Brian Hamm and reelected Dan Holloway to each serve a three-year term. The top three of the four candidates, which included Chris Shipley, to receive votes won during the election. Switzer took the most votes with 1,190. Hamm, who has unsuccessfully run multiple times for a board seat in previous years, claimed 1,045 votes. Holloway was close behind Hamm with 1,042 of the 3,773 votes cast. After results were tallied Tuesday, Switzer could not be reached for comment. In a Facebook post, Hamm said he is honored to get a chance to serve and congratulated his fellow winners. “I look forward to serving alongside you and the rest of the board,” he posted Tuesday. Holloway said he looks forward to working with Hamm and Switzer as well. “Together, we can support our schools and teachers and find more creative and innovative ways to help our students,” he said, adding teachers and faculty are working with partner schools and educators to contribute and provide educational resources for students and families. “I am proud of all of KMO Bulldog students, faculty and alumni who are leading this work in schools, educational spaces and across America, but especially here in Kearney. … Heroes are everywhere,” he said. The new and returning board members are expected to be sworn in at the June school board meeting.

Bree Switzer

Brian Hamm

Dan Holloway

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