KEARNEY — Voters decided a changing of the guard was in order Tuesday, June 2, and elected challenger David Lehman as their next Second Ward alderman, ousting incumbent Marie Steiner from the Kearney Board of Aldermen.

According to unofficial results from the Clay County election board, of the 466 votes cast in the city ward, Lehman won the election with 39.7% of the vote or 185 votes. Steiner received 152 votes, or 32.62%, while fellow challenger Alex Porter won 27.68% of the vote with 129 votes. As of press time, it is unclear how many absentee ballots were counted.

“It’s really humbling. A lot of hard work went into it and I ran a clean campaign. It just goes to prove, dirty politics don’t sit well,” said Lehman, referring to ad mailers sent out by Forward Kearney, an anti-Steiner group backed by Porter supporters. “For the voters, first of all, I would like to say to them, ‘Thank you for trusting me.”

Lehman said he will be changing his Facebook page name to “Alderman David Lehman” and encourages constituents to reach out to him.

“I was elected by the people and I want to work for the people,” he said after all precincts were reported for Clay County. “That’s my goal for my first term in office; work for the people and be a voice for the people. That’s what I ran on and I intend to live by that.”

In addition to Lehman winning at the polls, Alderman Gerri Spencer won reelection to her two-year seat. She was unopposed on the ballot, but faced opposition from write-in candidate Chastain Parks.

Managing Editor Amanda Lubinski can be reached at or 903-6001.

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