KEARNEY — Dan Holt and Bradley Crosser are facing off on the April 2 ballot, seeking election to represent Kearney’s 2nd Ward for a two-year term.

To educate voters on where the two men stand on issues, the following are candidate answers about key issues impacting residents and the city. All candidates were limited to 70 words per response. Answers are printed in the order they were received.

What is the biggest issue facing the city, and how, if elected, would you work to resolve it?

Holt: “The biggest issue is infrastructure. In the downtown area, we have 100-year-old pipes that really need replacing. We have had to raise water rates and builder fees to accommodate this need. Traffic flow is another big issue, and with the new I-35 interchange to start in spring of 2020, this will give us a second exit on I-35 and a new east/west route for Kearney, making it safer.”

Crosser: “The aging infrastructure may be one issue that is quickly approaching. It is critical that we are not surprised by failing water and sewer lines in the city. Many of the lines in parts of Kearney are over 50 years old and need replacing. I’ll have to examine the issue to see if a solution would be to spend tax dollars to replace and repair these aging lines.”

Would you support limiting medical marijuana facilities inside the city limits through planning and zoning? If so, how would you limit them?

Holt: “This issue was voted on by the people and was supported so we will do what the state of Missouri sets forth. Until we know the full details, it is hard to know how or where we can limit with these facilities. They will not be close to churches or schools, this we know and will enforce.”

Crosser: “Research needs to be done on this subject. Is it industrial, commercial, retail, etc.? Obviously, the city should have some say in where those go. I would support limiting these through planning and zoning. I would prohibit any medical marijuana facility to be located near a school, church, public library, playground or public park.”

Do you foresee any safety concerns with the design of the second Interstate 35 interchange? If so, what are they and how will you go about rectifying them, if elected?

Holt: “I have been working with the engineers and (Missouri Department of Transportation) to address the safety of this design. This interchange will move traffic better than the (Missouri Highway) 92 interchange with less backups on ramps and safe bike lanes to crossover from east and west. If elected, I will continue to work with MoDOT to make sure the interchange is built as designed, and it is a good, safe design.”

Crosser: “I don’t see any safety concerns concerning the design of the second Interstate 35 interchange. I feel that the city has done their due diligence. It should relieve traffic congestion at the Highway 92 interchange, therefore lowering the chance of accidents.”

Does the city bring enough and varying types of acts to Kearney Amphitheater? If not, what should the city leaders work to add?

Holt: “Yes and no. The city has to look at the budget to get eight shows a year. We have to work with the bands on their schedules, what type of bands draw a crowd and stay in budget. This year, we are adding a play to the schedule. Each year it comes down to cost and availability, and there are more country bands that are local and reasonably priced.”

Crosser: “The city has done a very good job bringing superstar acts to the amphitheater, many of which are geared towards adults. I would like to see more kid-friendly events. I feel the town is starving for things to take their kids to.”

Does Kearney have enough affordable housing options for young families? If not, what should be added and how, as alderman, will you work to bring this type of development to the city?

Holt: “No, Kearney does not have enough affordable housing options. I would like to see some smaller townhomes built. I have talked with developers about this option with mixed receptions. The city is in favor of a starter-home project, but the city cannot make the developer build this type of project. We are always looking for grants to help partner with a builder for this need.”

Crosser: “There is not enough affordable housing options in this town. Too many of our school teachers live outside the district because they cannot afford to live here, and that’s a problem. More multi-family housing options are needed. Tax breaks on builders would help, and I know the federal government has those available in our area.”

Managing Editor Amanda Lubinski can be reached at or 903-6001.

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