HOLT — Three men, incumbent Leon Clifford and challengers Matt Schaeffer and Alec Assel, will face off for election to two, at-large aldermanic seats in Holt on the April 2 ballot. Both seats are for two-year terms.

To educate voters on candidate qualifications, all aldermen were asked to provide biographical information and answer questions about why they are running.

The following is their responses.

What special skills do you possess that make you uniquely qualified to serve as alderman?

Clifford: “I get along with people. I was a union millwright and we always had to communicate and be in charge with workshops. I know how to communicate and work with my hands.”

Schaeffer: “I work well with everyone. I work well with people and I listen to people. I do what I feel is best for the community.”

Assel: “I’m pretty good with financials since I’ve had a business for the past four years that’s growing. I’m pretty good with road work and knowing what we need to get the roads fixed and knowing what we need to get the town cleaned up and what we need to make the people happy in this community.”

What is your No. 1 goal for the term, if elected?

Clifford: “Streets. We are trying to get all the money together we can for streets. We need all of them done. We are short on people who do the cold patch. I’ve got two people in line, but we’ve got to get some help because cold patching didn’t get done last year and potholes didn’t get done last year. It will get done this year.”

Schaeffer: “Streets. The potholes and drainage system, pretty much anything that has to do with streets. The streets are horrible.”

Assel: “To get the community back together to make the community happy. They are paying the taxes, they should get the roads, the good roads they deserve. Everything needs to be cleaned up. We need the right people in office to get things taken care of the way we need to get it done.”

What is the biggest issue facing the city of Holt, and how, if elected, will you work to resolve it?

Clifford: “We need to pay attention to how the money is being spent. We need to spend more time and money on roads. Our roads are the main deal.”

Schaeffer: “The streets. I will do anything I can to help find the people and help get the budget to where its needed so we get the money we need to do the streets.”

Assel: “The main thing is our roads are so horrible. I’d like to focus on getting everything taken care of and find out where our funds are at. How come we can’t afford to get things done? I’d like to see this town grow a little bit more and get cleaned up a little bit more and get taken care of.”

Managing Editor Amanda Lubinski can be reached at amanda.lubinski@mycouriertribune.com or 903-6001.

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