Dead fish in back pond part of natural occurrence at Capitol Federal Sports Complex

Hundreds of dead fish are floating in the back pond at Capitol Federal Sports Complex in Liberty after low oxygen in the pond killed the fish.

LIBERTY — Low oxygen in Capitol Federal Sports Complex’s back pond, known as the kids fishing pond, has resulted in the death of a couple hundred fish in the Liberty complex, located at 2200 Old Missouri Highway 210. The situation is currently being monitored by both the Missouri Department of Conservation as well as the Liberty Parks and Recreation Department.

“Missouri Department of Conservation, which stocks the ponds at the complex, tell us the action is a natural occurrence,” said Parks Director BJ Staab, adding conservation biologists told him the fish will either be scooped out of the water by scavengers or will decompose on their own.

“It just looks bad, but it’s the back pond and we don’t get that many fishermen back there right now,” he said.

On Thursday, Sept. 17, a week after the initial floating fish were discovered and became the subject of social media posts from those who use the complex, fishermen were fishing in the front ponds. At the pond, a couple turkey vultures were flying over the water.

“Mostly it was the blue gill and crappie,” Staab said of the affected fish. “A few of the bigger fish were affected, but those channel cat and bass were less affected. We will restock as needed.”

Staab said the worst part of the situation is that the pond is near the soccer fields.

"We do plan on removing the dead fish, beginning this week," he said. "Overall, it seems like the right thing to do."

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