Missouri helmet law eases requirements after Gov. Mike Parson signs bill into law.

On Friday, Aug. 28, another bill that Gov. Mike Parson signed into law goes into effect. The law eases helmet requirements for motorcycle riders over 26 years of age with proof of health insurance to opt-out of using helmets.

Opposition comes from law enforcement groups and other safety agencies.

“The repeal of the all-rider helmet law will have ripple effects across the state of Missouri,” representatives for Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety said in a statement. “More riders will choose to leave their helmets at home, resulting in more unhelmeted motorcyclist fatalities and injuries.”

The bill contains numerous other provisions relating to transportation, including special license plates, funding for the state’s Hyperloop testing track project, vehicle registration, licensing, Real I.D., and highways named for fallen law enforcement officers.

For outgoing Rep. Jon Carpenter, voting against the bill was two-fold.

“First, my view is that I believe people should still wear a helmet,” he said. “If people are going to do this, they need to have adequate insurance and carry that proof. In the end of the day, I understand people’s freedom to choose, but it’s certainly not a smart choice.”

The second reason he voted no is that within the bill encompassing many transportation issues is a tax exemption for jet fuel. Carpenter said it is designed to benefit such a small percentage.

“It’s aimed at those special interests, those individuals and businesses that have private jets,” he said. “They honestly don’t need it.”

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