Liberty Community Center parking lot to be resurfaced

The Liberty Community Center celebrated its 25th year of operation three years ago. At the most recent Liberty Council meeting, Monday, July 27, the council approved a price agreement with Phillips Paving Co., Inc. in an amount not to exceed $117,456.25. The center is 28 years old and the bulk of the parking lot is the same age. 

LIBERTY — The Liberty Community Center, 1600 S. Withers Road, is now 28 years old and the parking lot in front of the center, for the most part, is the same age. There are ruts where tires sink and patching jobs that have attempted to remediate imperfections over the years.

On Monday, July 27, the Liberty City Council approved a contract with Phillips Paving Co., Inc. in the amount not to exceed $117,456.25 for the replacement of the lot.

Assistant Parks Director – Recreation DK Taylor said the rain this week has the team working with the vendor to determine a start time. If the center team and Phillips can firm up a time, the work may begin on July 30.

“The first phase will be the concrete work which will not require a full closure of the parking lot. This will take about five days,” Taylor explained. “Phase two is the asphalt portion of the project. That will require full closure of the lot and is estimated to be about five days. If we can get started on schedule, we should be finished by mid-August. All of this is pending weather.”

As resurfacing gets underway, community center patrons are encouraged to park at the Liberty Middle School parking lot or the lot across the street at the Blackberry building where the Liberty Academy is housed.

Taylor, who has been with the center since it opened in 1992, said words can’t describe her excitement to see this work occur.

The budget for the project is from the Parks Sales Tax fund.

Southeast Editor Kellie Houx can be reached at or 389-6630.

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