Smithville Fight Like a Princess Day Sept. 10

Fight Like a Princess Day honors Éowyn Maynes, a Smithville child who adored Disney princesses and who lost her fight against a rare form of brain cancer in 2018.

SMITHVILLE — The time has come once again to fight, and donate, like a princess in Smithville as the annual Fight Like a Princess Day toy drive is Friday, Sept. 10. During the day, families in the city and those in the school district are asked to wear gold and donate a new toy or art supply to benefit the children receiving care at Children’s Mercy Hospital. Donations can be left at schools in Smithville and at DJ’s Coffee Express, 14450 U.S. Highway 169.

The day honors Éowyn Maynes, the youngest daughter of the well-known Maynes family who fought a rare form of brain cancer for much of her young life. Maynes lost her fight in 2018.

“Fight Like a Princess was started to help our family cover the cost of medical bills when our youngest daughter, Éowyn, was diagnosed with DIPG, a rare form of pediatric brain cancer, in June of 2017. On her fifth birthday, Sept. 10, 2017, the mayor of Smithville declared Sept. 10 Fight Like a Princess Day, and we held a huge fundraiser/birthday bash for her in downtown Smithville. Éowyn passed away on May 13, 2018. Since her death, we continue to run the foundation in her memory to help other families,” said Maynes’ mother, Amanda Maynes. “Every year since her death we have held a toy drive on her birthday to keep her memory alive and support Children’s Mercy Hospital. Smithville School District has always been the biggest donor since they knew Éowyn and her sisters.”

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