Smithville sees slide-offs but no injuries due to weather

Around 9 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 23, Missouri Highway 92 near U.S. Highway 169 was closed due to multiple vehicle slide-offs. First response crews say the roadway continues to be be slick and urge driver caution.

Although several roadway slide-offs were reported around Smithville ahead of morning commute hours Friday, Jan. 24, Smithville Area Fire Protection District Chief Dave Cline said all were noninjury.

"I guess staying home and people behaving themselves is working pretty well so far," Cline said of a lack of calls for emergency service due to weather-related accidents. "We haven't had anything today, it's crazy."

Though no injury accidents occurred, Cline said Missouri Highway 92 between Smithville and Platte City continues to be slick and hard to navigate. He urged driver caution to anyone traveling.

In Kearney, first response agencies said they also have not responded to reports of accidents related to weather. In the city limits, plow crews began clearing roadways around 4 a.m. Friday.

"We've just about got everything done. We're out doing culs-de-sac now. I'd say we're about 85% done," said Kearney Interim Utilities Director Donnie Smith of street plow work Friday. "I will be laying salt down as well because with it getting colder and back down to 23 degrees tonight, I can guarantee there will be some spots we see refreezing."

"So far, today we lucked out," said Kearney Fire and Rescue Protection District firefighter and EMT Bryan Kipping.

As a refreezing is expected Friday night, first response agencies throughout the Northland urge continued caution by drivers through Saturday morning.

Northwest Editor Sean Roberts can be reached at or 389-6606.​

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