A farm and a local bar are receiving national attention from the Travel Channel’s “The Dead Files” after the show investigated paranormal activity at a house in rural Kearney.

On “The Dead Files,” former New York homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi and medium Amy Allan attempt to help homeowners by uncovering paranormal histories and mysteries at purported haunted locations.

“DiSchiavi and Allan are on a mission to help solve each case and restore peace to their distressed clients. As they arrive on scene, DiSchiavi and Allan investigate each case independently of one another to preserve the integrity of their individual findings,” a release about the show from Travel Channel communications relations manager Stephanie DePietro Sarcona states.

While channel representatives will not release the location of the investigation, producers did film interviews in late May at Fat Boyz Grill & Bar, located at 129 E. Washington St.

“They said they Googled it and found us,” Debbie Hoffman, bar owner said. “They were around for about a week. ... They said they needed a neutral place to do interviews.”

Paranormal activity was not investigated at the bar.

Hoffman said a crew of nearly 60 came to her business, closing part of the venue for recording interviews, some with a historian. While her bar provided a backdrop, no locals were filmed in her establishment, she said.

“It was definitely interesting,” she said. “It was different than what I expected. ... They wanted to do it here for drinks and a place to sit and chat.”

A show researcher also contacted The Courier’s sister paper, the Liberty Tribune, for permission to possibly use excerpts from newspapers dating back to the mid-1860s.

An air date for the episode has not been released.

The investigation is not the first time Kearney or its residents have been featured on a national television show in recent years.

This summer, Kearney’s Jesse James Farm and its surrounding area may be featured in “Best of America by Horseback” when weekend filming is done Sept. 15 to 18, in Clay County. Produced by RFD-TV, “Best of America by Horseback” is hosted by outdoorsman Tom Seay and singer/songwriter Del Shields. The show invites viewers to bring horses to the various sites to take part in the rides and accompanying events while filming.

In addition, Kearney native Tommy Saunders, a former Kearney Bulldogs and Detroit Lions footballer, competed in October 2015 on Spike TV’s “Sweat Inc.” with exercise equipment he designed. Hosted by famed fitness guru Jillian Michaels, the reality competition aims “to find America’s next big fitness phenomenon and help turn it into an exercise craze,” states the Spike website. Saunders, who invented the OmniBall, combining yoga-like moves with weighted rolling balls, was one of three finalists for a $100,000 prize.

Kearney Editor Amanda Lubinski can be reached at 628-6010 or amanda.lubinski@kearneycourier.com.

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