I had an amazing experience over the weekend that blew my mind. I couldn’t help but to think, why doesn’t every bar, everywhere, have something like this?

It was date night. My guy decided to take me to a surprise venue. All I knew is we were going somewhere in downtown Kansas City where he would get to play games for free due to his status as an “industry worker.”

I guessed arcade, bowling, laser tag, paintball and anything else I could come up with. I was wrong every time.

Turns out we were headed to a board game bar and restaurant. Anyone who enters can play a plethora of board, strategy and card games for $5. Seeing shelves lined with board games got me really excited. My mom is a big fan of family game nights and so many of the games I had seen before, although most of them I had not.

We played Up-Words, Guess Who, Sequence and tried this other game neither of us could figure out. What was more interesting about the establishment than the games was a drink-ordering policy I learned about while heading to the restroom.

Mounted to the wall in the ladies bathroom was a sign that said something along the lines of, “Is your date making you uncomfortable? Are they not who their profile described them to be? If so order this secret shot.”

I don’t want to give the name of the shot away because I don’t want to give up the code, but I think it is brilliant. Anyone feeling uncomfortable can order the shot dry to get an escort to their car, on the rocks to have their companion asked to leave or with lime to have the police called.

I told my dad, who works in the county prosecuting attorney’s office, about this and he said he’s heard of the policy. I had not and still can’t get over the creativity.

As the reality of being in an uncomfortable situation with someone who makes you feel unsafe is more common than some care to admit, I think more bars should have a policy like this. The policy is simple, and I felt everyone in the establishment, including myself, was safer for it.

Northwest Editor Sean Roberts can be reached at sean.roberts@mycouriertribune.com or 389-6606.​

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