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The CT is proud to have community members use its products in their lessons. If your children use the newspaper as part of their education, snap a picture and tag the CT on social media using #NewspapersinEducation @myCTnews on Twitter and Instagram and MyCourierTribune on Facebook.

The impact of the pandemic will be felt for years by the 2020 and 2021 students. Closed in-person learning, virtual classes, spotty access to the internet and more have changed the way students learn. Newspapers in Education is a resource that is reliably available through your local newspaper. NIE features are designed to make reading newspapers a fun and beneficial learning experience.

Research shows that Newspapers in Education programs make a difference in test scores and in future reading habits, which is very important to our industry. With so many news outlets at their fingertips, it is vital that students learn the value of newspapers and the integrity of journalists. They need to become educated media consumers.

The goal of Newspapers in Education is to put young people in contact with a newspaper to create a generation of critical readers, engaged citizens and consumers.

These living textbooks provide authentic learning resources for reinforcing concepts taught in the classroom. The informational text in newspapers encourages students to develop comprehension skills by discerning what information is most important versus what information is interesting but not necessary for understanding.

Local newspapers create civic awareness by introducing children to their community. Math, science, geography, language arts, vocabulary and many more subjects may be learned by using newspapers.

Teachers should be encouraged to send the newspapers home so that the learning may continue. Sharing the newspaper with family will spark discussions on what was learned with the newspaper at school and offering the opportunity for parents and children to read the newspaper together.

The Missouri Press Foundation supports Newspapers in Education by providing free serial stories, with teaching guides, and many educational features. To learn more about free educational offerings to educators, visit

Missouri Press Foundation is a tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation formed in 1984 by the Missouri Press Association to improve journalistic charitable, literary and educational endeavors.

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