Liberty Public Schools is looking to the future, and it’s asking voters for approval of a $49 million no-tax-increase bond issue.

A “yes” vote on April 3 would empower the district to take out a loan with the intent to use tax dollars to repay it, all the while keeping patrons’ property tax levy the same — at $1.3007 per $100 of assessed valuation.

It would be a worthwhile investment that benefits today’s children, who will become the work force and community leaders of tomorrow.

If approved, the money would fund security upgrades, facility renovations, the addition of learning space and the replacement of equipment, as well as innovative learning tools and land acquisition for future projects.

Among the proposed projects are construction of a theater and additional fine arts space at Liberty High School; gym improvements at Liberty Middle School; and creating more classroom space at Liberty North High School. Safety and security enhancements would occur at several schools.

Asking voters to approve this bond — and these projects — was not a hasty decision. It was a response to the needs and wants of the district and its patrons, identified over the past few years as the district has worked through a long-range planning process, gathering input from stakeholders throughout the community.

Parents, district personnel and others were asked for their thoughts about positioning Liberty Public Schools for continued success through the Vision 20/20 committee, patron surveys and public meetings.

The proposed projects were identified based on the input gathered from those efforts.

The district was diligent in asking the community to help it define its path for the future. Now the community must put its words into action and vote “yes” for the plan it helped mold.

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