Courier-Tribune continues to weather pandemic storm

We all live in a different world than we did just two months ago.

Ever since COVID-19 first appeared in the United States, American families, workers and business owners have been forced to adapt to an ever-changing new normal. Courier-Tribune staffers have been busy documenting local stories of heroism and compassion during this pandemic as well as stories of local business owners brainstorming creative ways to keep their doors open. All the while, the CT has not been immune to the nationwide financial crisis caused by this terrible virus. Our management team has been working diligently to find ways to reduce expenses with as little impact as possible to our readers, ad customers and employees.

One option that’s been made available to newspapers across the country is to skip a number of scheduled publication dates to offset the budget hit caused by the pandemic. We at the CT believe this is the best option for us and our employees moving forward, and therefore, we will not print a paper on Thursday, July 9, as previously scheduled.

In addition, the Courier-Tribune offices in Kearney and Liberty will be closed to the public the week of May 25 and July 6. While the offices will be closed during those two weeks, you can send news questions to Managing Editor Amanda Lubinski at or call our office with any questions at 781-4941. Emails and calls will be responded to when offices reopen Mondays, June 1 and July 13.

This has been a difficult year for all of us, but we at the CT have truly been inspired by the way our fellow community members have rallied together, and we have no doubt we will make it through this storm stronger than ever.

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