New Courier-Tribune sports writer Liam Keating is seen here at the Grand Canyon. While there, he said he learned to document national parks, showcasing their beauty.

A well-written sports story can make the reader feel as if they had first row seats; helps a reader feel the emotion, hear the sounds and understand the tactics from the comfort of their favorite reading corner. My goal is to accomplish these things as the Courier-Tribune’s new multimedia sports reporter.

I am a recent graduate of Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas, where I studied journalism and focused on the world of sports. I have covered sports from high school to NAIA athletics to professional soccer. I look forward to bringing my background and expertise to the Courier-Tribune and the communities that support this prestigious newspaper. Game stories are one aspect of how we highlighting the truth behind the scoreboard. These stories are something that will be found in the Courier-Tribune that will be written with accuracy, care and passion.

The passion I have for writing stems from a long lineage of wordsmiths, from my grandfathers, who were journalists in New York, to my father, who is an author himself. These men of great character and strength shaped my writing style. I have pride in what I do because of what the men in my life have showed me, from crafting a story that highlights the best in a person to listening to others with empathy and kindness.

I am eager to meet you in the Kearney, Liberty and Smithville communities. I want to learn the stories of the young athletes and showcase their lives through personal, heartfelt articles. When someone can open up to you with a personal journey through sports and allows you in to tell their story, there is nothing more humbling.

Along with writing, photography is an aspect of journalism that I enjoy thoroughly. A moment in a game can happen quickly, so to get a photograph that creates a feeling of joy, euphoria or pain is important in telling the full story. My favorite sports photographer, Neil Leifer, once said, “sometimes the simplest pictures are the hardest to get.” Simplicity in photographs is something I hope to accomplish in my time with you. I hope to snag the right photograph at peak action.

Photographing in the western half of the country has been a highlight of my life. In May, I traveled to Zion, Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon for a post graduation trip. These travels gave me a new found love of the outdoors, which I documented through my camera lens. When documenting national parks, their beauty and stillness is so evident that it takes your breath away. The goal of mine when I attend sporting events in the Northland is to provide photographs that showcase similar beauty in action.

Do not hesitate to come to me at any sporting event I am covering. I love meeting new people, chatting with them about the game, or anything else. I look forward to writing stories that make Courier-Tribune readers proud.

Sports Writer Liam Keating can be reached at sports@mycouriertribune.com, 389-6643 or @myctsports on Twitter.

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