It occurred to me that our elected representatives have a 19th and 20th century understanding of what infrastructure is: roads and bridges and that’s it.

But if support for the Biden administration’s American Jobs Plan is any indication, the American people have a much broader definition of infrastructure. The American Jobs Plan opens infrastructure to new technologies like wind, solar and electric cars; creating jobs for the 21st century.

The American Family Plan builds on the American Jobs Plan. This plan supports American workers by providing child care, family leave, elder care, preschool, community college and so on, the basic infrastructure needed by families to be able to stay in the workforce.

Republicans criticize Biden, saying he promised unity and bipartisanship and hasn't delivered. Seventy-seven percent of us approved the American Rescue Plan already passed. Sixty-eight percent of the American people approve the direction Biden is taking the country. Those numbers represent Republicans, Democrats, and Independents — proof there is bipartisanship among the voting public.

In his speech to Congress, President Biden invited the Republican party to work with him on the American Jobs Plan and the American Family Plan. But he also said he would move forward without them if they stonewalled because the country can’t wait any longer to prepare for a 21st century future.

President Abraham Lincoln said government should do for the people what they cannot do for themselves. Presidents Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower followed in Lincoln’s footsteps. Then President Ronald Reagan came along and said “government is the problem.” For the past 40 years we have lived with that mantra, watching our middle class shrink and our children unable to do better than their parents.

President Biden is showing the American people that good government is possible again.

Truth matters. Pass it on.

Bernadine Kline


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