I continue to be haunted by what happened on Jan. 6: a violent insurrection against our country that interrupted the counting of electors for more than six hours, that led to the deaths of three police officers and four other Americans, wounded more than 140 officers, and did financial damage in the hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars for repairs to the Capitol building.

My husband and I watched it happen in real time. It is one of the most disturbing things we’ve seen in our lifetimes. Fittingly, those in Congress who refused to certify President Biden’s 306 to 232 electoral vote win are being labeled the "Sedition Caucus." Sadly, our state is well represented in that group: one senator and five representatives.

Facts are stubborn things. After the 2020 presidential election, the former president’s campaign lost 63 lawsuits in multiple states that were dismissed due to lack of evidence and labeled “frivolous" and “without merit." Some of those judges were appointed by the former president. The thousands and thousands of election officials in our nation did not get it wrong, nor did the courts. There was no fraud, anywhere!

After the insurrectionist mob was thrown out of the Capitol, our senators and representatives were brought back into their respective chambers to complete their work of certifying the electoral votes. What has puzzled me is that eight senators and 147 representatives voted against certification. Even after their lives had been threatened!

So far, 691 people have been charged in the insurrection, 15 from Missouri. The Jan. 6 insurrection must be investigated to protect our democracy not just from the former president, but also from those in Congress who continue to promote the big lie that the election was stolen. It wasn’t.

Bernadine Kline


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