Thank you. They are just two words, but powerful. Thank you, Kearney and Holt communities for all that you have given me these last 29 years.

I say goodbye to the Kearney School Board and start the next chapter of my life. However, before I do that, I just wanted to let all of those who supported me and didn't know that I always thought of you and how we could better our community.

We didn't always get it right, but I wouldn't change the decisions or votes I made for the world. We made history back in 2017, electing a millennial and LGBTQ member of the community to serve the children and parents of the district.

Kearney has changed a lot in my time, some of it for the good, and some not so good. However, I want the kids in this community to know that you can be anything. You don't need look down on one another, bully others or think you're better than someone else. We are all one people, and together we are stronger.

Hold your classmates close, you're the future. If you see something wrong, speak out. If you want to do something to help others, reach out and ask for help to change the world.

I've seen so many amazing kiddos reach out and speak out for change. I'm proud I got to serve you and be your voice.

Thank you for electing me. Now it's time for me to make change some place else.

Matt Hunt

former Kearney School Board member

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