I have had enough of two commissioners riding over the top of two Missouri courts and the Clay County Sheriff's Office to avoid their moral and legal obligation to provide funds for the operation of the jail and the protection of the guards, and ultimately, Clay County citizens.

Enough of two commissioners riding over the top of the state auditor and her office in her desire to complete a thorough audit of the operations and related processes as requested by the petition of 9,000 Clay County citizens.

Enough of two commissioners who nearly always vote in lockstep against the presiding commissioner and the fair requests and needs of the other Clay County dully elected officeholders and county citizens.

Enough of two commissioners voting to authorize over $50 million in bonding capacity without a vote of the citizens at the time when there was not a specific known need.

Enough of two commissioners buying property for a new courthouse annex when it has not been proven that they are willing to spend necessary funds for the maintenance and repairs for the current annex building.

Enough of the two commissioners limiting the rights of taxpaying citizens to speak out and speak up to one day a month at a public comment session (on a Friday afternoon) when they are not required to attend.

It is time to make our voices heard.

While I've had enough, I do not believe we need a complete overhaul of the current county form of government that serves Clay County as proposed by Eastern Commissioner Luann Ridgeway. I believe it is vitally important that we maintain the right to select, with our votes, all the officeholders that have duties spelled out by the laws of the state.

I would be in favor of increasing the number of district commissioners to a total of five or seven with two-year terms for associate commissioners but leaving the presiding commissioner seat at four years.

There are eight weekly meetings with the charter/constitutional government committee planned at 7 p.m. on Wednesdays in various sites throughout Clay County that are looking at how the government could be reorganized. Each of us needs to find the time to attend at least one of these meetings before we lose total control of our county government.

If you have had enough, then join me in speaking up and out for the betterment of Clay County.

Ed LaBarr


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