Years ago, my father hired a hand to help around the family farm. One day, he asked the young man to clean the detached garage.

Now this wasn't just a place where cars were parked; there were tools, antiques, anvils, lumber — anything a working farm need to make repairs and keep things going.

The farmhand burned the garage to the ground. He thought that was cleaning up the garage. He was, of course, promptly dismissed.

The lesson: Don't burn down the garage to clean it.

This is why I am voting against the proposed county constitution. It proposes burning down the garage to clean it.

It is important to note that all elected county officials have cooperated fully and received good or excellent reviews from the state audit mandated by a voter-sought petition. The officials obstructing the state audit? Appointed ones.

The county constitution plans to increase the number of appointees despite the fact that the ones we currently have, thus far, have been remarkably unresponsive to the citizens of Clay County.

The goal of all voters is good, efficient government.

Locally, good efficient government has been obstructed, but it hasn't been crushed. We, as voters, are cleaning Clay County government up; there is no need to burn down the garage.

James Roberts


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