Looking for a new way to explore and learn about Missouri’s outdoors? The Missouri Department of Conservation encourages kids and adults to check out the free mobile gaming app, Agents of Discovery. MDC is partnering with the gaming app to help the public explore natural areas around the state. App users can discover nature by completing “missions," all while learning about Missouri’s forests, fish and wildlife, according to a press release.

“Using technology to make people more comfortable in nature is a cool way to reach out to different Missourians,” said MDC Exhibits Coordinator Susie Wachowski. “Users log in to Agents of Discovery and solve challenges using their nature detective skills. And the missions are updated frequently so there is always a new way to play and learn more about Missouri’s great outdoors.”

What type of pollinators are found in in the state? How do bald eagles hunt their food? Find out the answers to these questions and more via Agents of Discovery.

To get started, download the free app and create an agent profile. Then pick a mission in your area. It is recommended to download the mission before heading to it so you can play the game without WiFi or a data connection, which may be spotty or unavailable in some areas.  

While exploring in nature, MDC recommends being aware of your surroundings and staying on trails at all times.

Agents of Discovery is available for download through the App Store for Apple products or Google Play for Android devices. For more information, visit discovertheforest.org/activities/agents-of-discovery.

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