In mid-October, Girl Scout Troop 78 finished up their chosen project at a local Liberty park to earn their Silver Award, the second highest award in Girl Scouts.

Girl Scout Troop 78 built a Gaga Ball Pit at Arthur’s Hill Park, at 231 S. Jewell St.

In Girl Scouts, there are three levels of highest awards: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The Bronze Award can be only earned by Junior Girl Scouts in fourth- or fifth-grade. The Silver Award is earned when Cadette Girl Scouts are in middle school. It is mandatory to have earned the Silver Award to get the Gold Award. The Gold Award is the highest award in Girl Scouts and equivalent to the Boy Scout Eagle Scout Award. It can be earned as a Senior or Ambassador Girl Scout during high school.

The troop chose to build a Gaga Ball Pit to help the kids in Liberty have another outdoor option for getting outside to play.

“People have been locked up in their houses because of COVID-19 and its boring just sitting and doing nothing all day long,” said Zoey Curry, a long-time member of GS Troop 78. “We thought everyone needed to get away from their house. So we thought we could do something for everyone outside where they won’t be by a whole bunch of people.”

Gaga Ball is a popular game among school-age kids. It is played in an octagon-shaped pit. A ball is bounced around until there is only 1 person left; to get a person out, he or she must be hit by a ball – knees and below, or by hitting the ball out of the pit.

“The Gaga Ball Pit will be a big contribution to the city because it will give kids another thing to do at the park, making them more active,” said Lilly Foster, a founding member of GS Troop 78. “It will help improve their health, especially after being stuck at home for so long.”

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