January flowers

On Jan. 1, outdoors writer Larry Dablemont photographed five species of flowers blooming on his ridgetop, including this one.

I wonder sometimes if common sense in our nation is a thing of the past. At a meeting of outdoor writers, some greatly admired turkey hunter who worked for the Forest Products Institute told them all there are more trees growing in America today than ever before.

I guess he gets paid for ridiculous deception. You wonder what kind of nonsense you can get people to believe nowadays. Were those admirers of this great turkey hunter that gullible to believe nonsense like that?

Let me tell you something about the steady warming of the earth. It is real, and as forests fall and millions of acres of pastureland and open earth are created, and millions of acres of pavement and cement are created, the earth will get warmer.

Why do the idiots in Washington who fear that it will get hotter each year and carbon dioxide will increase in the major cities, never mention any of those factors? On Jan. 1, I photographed five species of flowers blooming here on my ridgetop. And doggone, I hate to admit it, but earth warming in the dead of winter doesn’t seem so bad.

But, I sure hate it in August.

Larry Dablemont is an outdoors writer from Missouri. He can be reached via email at lightninridge47@gmail.com or by writing to Box 22, Bolivar, MO 65613. His website is larrydablemontoutdoors.blogspot.com.

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