LIBERTY — One of the biggest projects supported by community groups and use tax funds, Lib-erty’s revitalized City Park, officially reopened this month.

At the ribbon cutting, Mayor Lyndell Brenton said little did the council, city staff or him realize that just two short years after passing the use tax, there would be a pandemic, which upended the park construction timeline. Schedules for contractors and installers were stalled, but late last year, a team from Cloverleaf Inc. for AB Creative brought in some of the first playground pieces to City Park, located at 970 Missouri Highway 291.

“As much as we wanted to have the park amenities in place and done in 2020, it was not in the cards,” said Parks Director BJ Staab.

City Park was established as Liberty’s first park in 1949 and is 12 acres. With the improvements, the park is now designed for kids of all ages and abilities. A new spray park will be open next spring.

Vireo, a landscape architecture firm, designed the park with input from the community and Liberty Parks Board. Groups such as the Liberty Parks Foundation and the Liberty Masons along with the local Eastern Star raised funds for various inclusive play pieces as well.

“So many people are excited to play here,” Staab said, listening to children laughing as they play on the various playground pieces at the opening. “We will continue to make some improvements, but I am so glad that we have made it.”

Brenton said improvements, which included removing a maintenance building and shifting it to the back of the park, which give the ability to see more of the park from Highway 291 are significant.

“It’s a great place. I will bring my grandchildren to as well,” he said.

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