SMITHVILLE — The city’s third Gravel Grinder bike race drew 170 competitors through the downtown Smithville area despite storms that rolled in Saturday, Sept. 28.

Drawing more competitors than ever before, winners were divided into three distance categories: 80 miles, 50 miles and 25 miles; and by gender.

Overall winner and winner of the 80-mile cycling race by a male was Jordan Miller of Lenexa, Kansas, traveling at an average of 19.01 miles per hour with a total time of 3:59:52. In second overall and in the male category was Brian Weightman of Washington D.C. with a total time of 4:01:44 followed by third overall and male winner Paul Erickson from West Plains with a time of 4:04:08.

The 50-mile race included a tight three-way finish. Clutching first was Dan Schaeffer of Leawood, Kansas, followed closely by Roger Williams and third-place winner Don Daly. All clocked times of 3:08:20. All were the overall and male category winners.

All of those competing in the 25-mile race were bested by Matthew Belanus of Edgerton with a time of 1:17:03. Second place for overall time and in the male category went to Cole Johnson of Spring Hill, Kansas with a time of 1:26:31 while third overall went to Karen Dill of Fort Leavenworth, Kansas with a time of 1:30:09.

In the women's 80-mile race, Hannah Glatter of Lawrence, Kansas took first with a time of 4:44:38. Karen Pritchard of Mission, Kansas came in second with a time of 5:24:43 and Katie Fisher of Kansas City took third with 5:55:57.

Competing in the 50-mile, women leaders were Ann Marie Chappell of St. Joseph with a time of 3:22:41, Mary Anthes of Kansas City with a time of 3:42:36 and Keena Meadows of Nixa in third with a time of 3:49:47.


In the 25-mile race, behind Karen Dill, who claimed overall third, was Sarah Parker of Platte City with a time of 1:33:36.

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