Second dog park still discussed by Liberty Parks and Recreation Board

Liberty Mayor Lyndell Brenton offers some thoughts about a proposed second dog park in the city with the Liberty Parks and Recreation Board.

LIBERTY — While the proposed dog park at Bennett Park has been pulled off the table, the desire for a second dog park in Liberty remains.

At the February Liberty Parks and Recreation Board meeting, Mayor Lyndell Brenton attended to offer encouragement and to provide some observations.

“I believe that the proposed park was lacking a group to serve as champions for the issue,” he said.

In the near future, the board will be seeking broader input. Brenton said suggestion sheets might be part of a future water bill.

“It would be great to see citizens suggest two or three possible locations,” he said. “It could also be our chance to see if there is a group of citizens who would champion another park. We’ve heard from other people who want this city amenity.”

Brenton said another observation is to make sure any possible park location is reviewed to evaluate how it might affect adjacent backyard neighbors. The conundrum is finding the ideal location.

“We know there are people who don’t want to drive to Stocksdale Park,” the mayor said. “There’s a need on the northern side of the city.”

“We have a model when people champion either a park or a park amenity,” Parks Board President Karen Ridder said. “This includes the pump track and the disc golf course at Stocksdale. Then there’s Arthur’s Hill Park and the neighbors that joined together.”

Brenton said the opposition group’s concerns about environmental impact will need to be addressed for a new dog park.

“We are making decisions for more than 30,000 plus people,” Ridder said.

Brenton agreed.

“We are talking parks, not preserves,” he said. “We are a growing urban area. Improving parks is part of the evolution of parks.”

Board member Jackie Kennedy also suggested creating a task force with those champions Brenton suggested.

Southeast Editor Kellie Houx can be reached at or 389-6630.

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