SMITHVILLE — Those living, dead and undecided are invited to New York City’s Central Park for a most monstrous engagement. During Smithville High School’s production of “The Addams Family” this weekend, guests are likely to see a character’s sunnier disposition as Wednesday Addams brings her boyfriend’s family from Ohio to meet the Addamses.

Eager to have the families get along, Wednesday, played by Chesney Schreier, 17, tells her father Gomez, played by Nevin Voth, that she and Lucas Beineke, played by Isaiah Thurston, plan to wed. Fearful of what Morticia, played by Addi Noecker, might do if she finds out before Wednesday is ready, Wednesday makes Gomez promise to keep her secret quiet until after dinner.

“I think the hardest part is just getting into character,” Schreier said. “Wednesday is super dark, and in this version, she is interested in someone and has to get more on the lighter side of things. I mostly know her from the movies so it is kind of a struggle to merge the personalities.”

When asked what people wouldn’t expect, Schreier boasted she carries around a crossbow as her role demands.

Naturally a shy individual, Schreier said being a part of this production helped her feel more comfortable being herself and she’s made friends.

“I used to be someone who would (hold back), and this year I was like, ‘You know what, anything you want to try and do, just do it,’” Schreier said.

Also having a “splendid” first experience, Thurston, 15, said he wasn’t interested in theater before. When a friend of his decided to audition, he thought it would be fun to audition, too.

“I just don’t think of myself as a strong singer,” Thurston said. “I knew I would have to sing, but I didn’t expect to really have to sing by myself. I have a couple solo bits … When I got the role, I was super elated, essentially because, one, I got a role; and I got a singing role, which I didn’t really expect.

Thurston said the experience changed his mind about theater as he has made friends.

“I’ve just been super excited,” he said. “Now that it is here, I’m even more excited.”

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