Career opportunities prioritized for students

Members of the Northland Education and Business Alliance discuss ways to better communicate with high school students and parents about growing career opportunities.

KANSAS CITY NORTH — Northland Education and Business Alliance discussed everything from better communications with parents to surging careers in developing technologies during their November meeting.

Sponsored by the Clay County Economic Development Coucil, NEBA organizes events, school-business programs and other initiatives to expand opportunities and awareness of the area's growing high-tech businesses and the careers they bring.

The group has sponsored regional career expos, including health care and advanced manufacturing events.

Upcoming priorities include a parent night to present first-hand information about technology and employment trends, tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 29, at Staley High School, 2800 NE Shoal Creek Parkway.

"A big issue we face is how to get information to parents on these new career choices and the education needed to pursue them," EDC Executive Director TJ Berry said. "How do we let them know all of the options that are out there?"

Co-chair and Northland Career Center Director Brian Noller said NEBA's growing list of business partners could be used to organize tours for parents wanting to see for themselves modern robotics at the Ford plant or the use of virtual reality to treat dementia and Ppost-traumatic stress disorder for example.

"We're getting a lot of contacts that we can use to set up tours that help parents and student see what's out there," Noller said. "I think that would really help."

For more information about the group or its efforts, visit or contact the Clay County EDC at 468-4989

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