Enrollment up in Smithville schools

This tool shows the growth in enrollment over the years and projects trends based on current information related to development and predicted graduates.

SMITHVILLE — It's official, the enrollment for Smithville School District is up 49 students over last year.

A source of stress and financial uncertainty since the last three years combined only produced 9 students, Assistant Superintendent of Support Services Wayne Krueger was excited to announce a total of 2,647 students are enrolled in the district this year.

"The largest grade level in the district is the current junior class with 239 students," Krueger said. "The smallest is the second grade with 170."

Divided by building, Maple Elementary School currently has 399 students, Horizon Elementary School has 461 and brand new Eagle Heights Elementary School is already at capacity with 422.

The middle school currently has 448 students and the high school is home to 917.

"One piece of data I find interesting," Krueger said. "In 2016-17 we had nine grade levels over 200 students, in 2017-18 there were eight, in 2018-19 there were seven and in 2019-20 there are six over 200 students. ... in the same period our enrollment has increased 58 students K through 12."

Those interested in more information about Smithville School District enrollment can view an official cohort enrollment tool, predicting trends moving forward based on current information, attached to this article online at mycouriertribune.com

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