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The Herzog Foundation awarded $2.758 million in grants to propel growth and increase enrollment in six Christian schools, including Northland Christian Schools at 10500 N. Arrowhead Trafficway, Kansas City.

SMITHVILLE — The Herzog Foundation awarded $2.758 million in grants to propel growth and increase enrollment in six Christian schools in Missouri, Kansas, and Tennessee.

The Northland Christian Education System is among the six grantees, along with St. Joseph Christian School. Northland Christian Schools is located at 10500 N. Arrowhead Trafficway, Kansas City.

"Across the country, Christian schools have made it their mission to instill biblical values into their students while teaching them to be productive citizens and preparing them for their career," states a foundation release. 

“We are extremely excited and honored to partner with schools that are dedicated to increasing the number of students receiving a Christian education,” said Herzog Foundation Chairman Todd Graves. “Stan Herzog had a vision to transform and increase the enrollment of Christian schools across our nation. These grants are a great first step, and because of these schools, more students will be blessed with a quality education.”

The school leaders offered words of gratitude.

Northland Christian Board of Education Vice President Rance Carlson said the educational system is honored and humbled by the grant.

"Northland Christian partners with Christian families and churches (to) provide a God-centered, discipleship-based school with academic excellence and a biblical worldview, equipping students to serve and influence our world for Christ. This grant will help us to further our mission and expand our facilities, allowing us to partner with even more families," the educational leader said. "We are very grateful to the Herzog Foundation staff and board for their leadership and stewardship, and look forward to a long partnership with them.”

There is a "pressing need" for upcoming generations to be educated according to biblical teachings, said St. Joseph Christian School Co-Superintendents Danny Maggart and Rose Dunlap, in a statement. 

"We are so grateful the Herzog Foundation is leading the way to fund growth in Christian schools across the nation, and we are blessed to be a recipient in their first grant cycle.” 

The Stanley M. Herzog Charitable Foundation’s mission is to catalyze and accelerate the development of quality Christ-centered K-12 education. Herzog left hundreds of millions of dollars for the nationwide benefit of religious schooling with an emphasis on northwest Missouri. The Herzog Foundation is constructing a campus spanning roughly 18,000 square feet in Smithville.

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