SMITHVILLE — Horizon Elementary School sixth graders are learning the intricacies of broadcasting.

Every month, Horizon news crew works together to produce a newscast including weather, interviews with teachers and students, a recap of sports and quote of the week.

“Horizon News is a voluntary club that started last year,” Club Sponsor Hannah Mangan said. “This year’s group is particularly ambitious and creative. I can’t take any credit for their broadcasts, students have a clear vision for the news and they are independently motivated and skilled in their use of iMovie.”

Featured in October, kindergartners were asked what they like about school and why. Additionally, interviews had teachers highlighting a student who shows good behavior in class and the feature Warrior Quote of the Week was, “Everyday do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.”

Along with teachers who have had a birthday, students who earned one of the weekly Warrior Awards throughout the month, an award presented to students who show good behavior and set an exemplary example for their peers, are featured in their own segment during the broadcast.

“Within the group, students fill multiple roles,” Mangan said. “They truly see this as a collaborative project. We have two anchors, two sports anchors, four sports special reporters, a weather person and two special segment reporters.”

Mangan added the whole team works together to edit and record the show.

“I like doing Horizon News because it pushes you to collaborate with other students your age,” student Avery Hedgecorth said. “It also teaches you different ways to use new kinds of technology in the world. Lastly, it’s an exciting experience with challenges of all kinds that push you to think outside of the box.”

Videos are posted on YouTube and can be accessed through the Horizon newsletter once a month. October’s video is attached to the online version of this story at

“The students want (everyone) to know,” Mangan concluded, “this upcoming version will be even better than the last.”

Northwest Editor Sean Roberts can be reached at or 389-6606.

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