LHS classroom temporarily closed, reopens tomorrow

LIBERTY — According to a letter sent to parents by Liberty High School principal April Adams, one classroom was temporarily closed due to multiple coronavirus exposures.

"Please know that as we work to keep our students and staff safe during this pandemic, we will share as much information with you as possible," the letter begins, "while also following legal and ethical privacy rules."

The letter continued to say there was a possible COVID-19 exposure affecting multiple students who each remained in their classroom for the entire day. The decision to close the classroom temporarily, made Sunday, Nov. 15, came out of an abundance of caution, Adams said.

Emphasizing this was only one classroom at the high school, Director of Communications Dallas Ackerman said plainly stated, "... the possible exposures occurred in a space in which the same students were confined to this space for the entire school day, thus they were able to keep the temporary closure to that one classroom."

There were zero exposures, affiliated with this particular case, in any other part of the building.

"No additional students within our student body would have been exposed," Adams' letter states. "If your child would have been affected by this situation, you would have been notified."

All decisions were made in partnership with the Clay County Public Health Center, with top priority to keep students and staff safe, Adams' letter concludes.

Ackerman added the classroom is on schedule to reopen tomorrow, Wednesday, Nov. 18. Until then, learning continues as normal.

Northwest Editor Sean Roberts can be reached at sean.roberts@mycouriertribune.com or 389-6606.​

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