Liberty cheer teams take first at regionals

Liberty North High School cheer team took home first place from regionals for the second time in the schools history. LNHS had not accomplished this success for the last five years, making it especially meaningful for 2019 seniors.

Cheerleaders at Liberty North High School are celebrating their top-ranking performance at regionals this fall.

“It takes a lot of hard work, a great mental toughness and it kinda takes family to get there,” captain Jianna Duberry said, referring to the team as family.

Taking home only its second first-place regional title, LNHS cheerleaders said they are proud of the work they’ve put in.

Captain Jillian Shepard said the feeling she got from winning was almost more than she could form into words.

“We have come tremendously far,” Shepard said. “It was almost emotional when we won because us four,” she said of the team leaders, “are really the only ones who stuck through it throughout the years. We’ve been through a lot. It felt really good that we went because it was like all of our hard work all four years had finally paid off. We feel really accomplished and that we are worth something because it had never really felt like that before.”

During regionals, the first competition of the season, the team competed against five others. Captain Emily Green said the squad gets one chance to do one routine they put together over the summer so the pressure is on.

“You just know that you are in it together,” she said, adding that togetherness helps take some of the pressure off. “As soon as you hit that floor, even when you are backstage, you know that you are not the only one going out there. They are looking at you like a team. You are Liberty North.”

Excited to reap what they’ve sown, what Lauren Thompson, the squad’s fourth team captain, values most from her experience at regionals is the team.

“I would say after we hit the whole routine,” Thompson began, “we bonded together more afterward than we did during practice because we were all really excited, like ‘Wow, we really just did that.’ Then, when we won, it was just a really good feeling to come together as a team.”

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