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Cole Lemasters, a Liberty North graduate was involved in choir and student council, provided the voice of the Eagles at many sporting events, and is married.

LIBERTY — Cole Lemasters, a Liberty North graduate, has a unique perspective on his senior year. He was involved in choir, and student council, provided the voice of the Eagles at many sporting events including the current baseball season, plus he’s married.

Lemasters married his high school sweetheart, Kiley Daniels, Dec. 18, 2020. The decision to marry Daniels, who graduated last year, was a bit spur of the moment, he explained.

“We aren’t sure about her brain cancer,” he said. “She had her dream wedding. Right now, we have our faith and that has been impactful to others. Her father passed from brain cancer, but his purpose after diagnosis was to bring more people to God. We are trying to do the same thing.”

While Lemasters is a newlywed, he is still embraced schooling and what he needed to accomplish.

“The biggest thing I am involved in is sports media and the daily news show,” he said. “We focus on sports and produce the coverage for the football, basketball and baseball games. We have taken everything in stride as games have gotten bigger draws. I have become the voice of the Eagles, too.”

To that end, Lemasters is heading to the University of Missouri in the fall to study journalism with an aim to study broadcast media.

He’s also active as president of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He also added presidency of National Honors Society, of which he is a two-year member.

“I have been a student council representative for these last two years,” he said. “I have been in concert and chamber choirs. My baseball playing was during my freshmen and sophomore years.”

Baseball continues to hold a special place in his heart.

“It’s a lot about baseball for me,” Lemasters said. “I love the Royals. I play summer ball. I umpire baseball games. I have played baseball since I could remember.”

As for lettering in high school, Lemasters has three for academics, two in journalism and guesses he will receive a letter as he travels with the baseball team, providing vocal commentary.

During graduation, his name was among the valedictorians listed on the program.

“I have a 4.0 GPA,” he said. “I appreciate accelerated classes and have since elementary school, and the gifted program. I have worked my way through advanced math and English courses. I love math and took calculus 2. Then there has been AP world history, government, college-level chemistry and composition.”

He has leaned on a couple teachers through his personal and academic needs. English teacher Jennifer Higgins has encouraged Lemasters and helped him find direction.

“Math teacher Matt Barnard knows about my personal life and offered guidance there,” Lemasters added.

When he gets a chance, Lemasters also volunteers at Freedom House’s In As Much Ministry, helping shop for those in need. He said he has volunteered off and on through high school. He also serves as a Sunday school teacher at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church.

“The legacy you create, especially moving from middle school to high school, can be one the hardest things, but the teachers will help,” he said. “It’s about balancing time with friends and hobbies while having your priorities in order, which includes having good grades and making good connections. That’s how you can succeed.”

If the future holds, Lemasters would like to be a sports broadcaster with ESPN or a specific team.

“It would be really awesome,” he said. “I would like to be at the highest level as possible; that would be a dream.”

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