LIBERTY — In recent weeks, the Liberty North and Liberty high schools’ speech and debate teams have been competing in area tournaments.

The Liberty North team competed in the Oak Grove tournament.

Results included: Dani Galli, second place, Original Oratory; Santina Juma, second place, Program of Oral Interpretation; Tyler Parsons, fourth place, Original Oratory; Madison Tucker, fourth place, Informative Speaking; Tyler Parsons, fifth place, Humorous Interpretation; Jami Lewis/Lianna Morelli, fifth place, Duo Interpretation; Micah Parsons fifth place, Program of Oral Interpretation; and Addie Kimmerle, sixth place, Student Congress.

Varsity members competed at Lee’s Summit West High and took second in overall team sweepstakes. Students who placed were: Ella Torno, fifth place, Informative Speaking; Meg Rieger, third place, Informative Speaking; Kora Wiedmaier, second place, Informative Speaking; Andrew Letsch, fourth place, Informative Speaking; Bela Sullivan, sixth place, Student Congress; Kennedy Naseem, seventh place, Humorous Interp; Andrew Hand, eighth place, Humorous Interp; Evan Marley, sixth place, Humorous Interp; Erin Brage, third place, Humorous Interp; Rand Brown and Patrick Sheeley, second place, Duo Interp; Mallory Chapman, first place, Program Oral Interp; Grace Fisher, first place, Original Oratory; Kora Wiedmaier and Kennedy Dresslaer, third place, Regular Public Forum Debate; Rand Brown and Patrick Sheeley, third place, Champion Public Forum Debate; and Ethan Burnham, first place, Regular Lincoln Douglas Debate.

Novice members competed at Lee’s Summit North. They were: Isabelle Porter, first place, Humorous Interp; Eli De La Cruz, first place, Storytelling; Sophia Sola, first place, Dramatic Interp; Lydia Kahassai, fourth place, United States Extemp; and Elinor Dow, first place, Lincoln Douglas Debate.

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