LIBERTY — Construction in the Liberty Public Schools district is unyielding this stage in the game. With some projects wrapping up and others just beginning, the Board of Education got a look Tuesday, Aug. 21, at how far long-range construction plans have come.

Many projects are being funded by a no tax-increase bond issue passed by voters in April.

“It’s been a very busy summer,” Hollis + Miller Architects Client Leader Kevin Nelson said. “Typically for summer projects, we need about a year to start planning them and drawing them to get them done, but you guys got the bond passed in April. We didn’t have a year. I am personally very proud of what the team, including the district, has been able to accomplish this summer in a short period of time.”

Completed projects include secure entries at Liberty Academy and Liberty Middle School, middle school gym, Kellybrook Drive and the floor infill for Schumacher Elementary School, which is prep work for constructing a secure entry.

Working projects are the tennis courts at Liberty North High School and more parking for both high schools. Work on the access drive around the back of Liberty High School will start soon.

Hollis + Miller staff also presented early designs for the Liberty North and Liberty High School building additions. Architects have been working with administration and teachers to design new fine arts space for LHS, featuring a new theater; new band, orchestra and choir rooms; practice space and storage.

Liberty North preliminary plans include more classroom space utilizing multipurpose learning environments. Plans are still in the discussion phase.

Architects are also working up plans for next summer projects including secure entries at the Early Childhood Center, Schumacher Elementary, Minor Hill Elementary School; and a classroom addition and kitchen renovation at Franklin Elementary School.

There were 12,815 students enrolled in Liberty schools the day of the meeting, Superintendent Jeremy Tucker said. Based on the demographer’s report, the district should be planning for high school additions, meaning the district is right on track.

Education Editor Sean Roberts can be reached at or 389-6606.

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