LIBERTY — Patrons in the Liberty Public Schools district will pay the same tax levy rate in 2018 as they did in 2017. For every $100 of assessed valuation, $6.4550 will be collected from taxpayers.

Due to new property and school construction, total revenues for the 2018 year jumped to $61,752,835, an increase of $2,447,294, information presented by Chief Financial Officer Cindy Sullivant stated at the school board's Tuesday, Aug. 21 meeting.

While new construction added to valuation figures, valuation of personal property in Liberty has decreased by $9,961,112, according to assessment documents provided to the district by the Clay County Assessor's office. In 2017, the district's total assessed valuation stood at $194,515,461 compared to $184,554,349 in the current year.

Questions have arisen revolving around the several million dollar decrease in personal property value, as 2018 is a non-reassessment year. Both the school district and the city of Liberty have expressed concern about these numbers.

Sullivant said any number of things could have caused the dropped, including depreciation. Sullivant said the assessor's office is also using new software to calculate the figures which could result in a difference that may be more or less accurate.

"Last year's numbers were inaccurate at first and they told us," Sullivant said. "The county has always been really good about communicating with us."

Inaccuracies the district was made aware of last year could account for about $4.8 million.

"I wonder about the other four million," she concluded.

Conversations about the amounts are ongoing.

Education Editor Sean Roberts can be reached at or 389-6606.​

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