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Few people can imagine Valentine’s Day without chocolate. While heart-shaped boxes of chocolate might be ubiquitous in February, those who want to truly impress that special someone this Valentine’s Day can try their hand at baking up their own batch of decadent treats.

Many things are symbolic of Valentine’s Day. In the 1800s, heart-shaped boxes of candy became wildly popular ways for sweethearts to express their affection for each other, and since then they have become one of many symbols of Valentine’s Day. But one such symbol traces its history back even further than that.

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February is devoted to love and all things hearts. That sort of love includes libraries as it is National Library Lovers Month.

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Guy Winch, author of “How to Fix a Broken Heart,” said the biggest mistake people make after a breakup is going on autopilot.

Chocolate is often described as “decadent,” and rightfully so. Few foods can make people feel as if they’re being indulgent as well as chocolate. Perhaps that’s what makes chocolate such a great fit for Valentine’s Day.

Love letters are a great way for couples to express their affection and devotion to each other. The sentiments expressed in love letters are as unique as the couples who write them. However, love letters often contain one particular turn of phrase regardless of their authors.

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When asked to draw a heart shape, people the world over universally know what that means. Seemingly every elementary school-age child has cut the shape out of construction paper at some point. But where did the shape of what we’ve come to know as symbolizing love and affection come from? The…

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According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, accounting for approximately 800,000 deaths every year.

Life insurance is one of many components of estate planning. Statistics from the insurance industry groups Life Happens and LIMRA indicate that 70 percent of Americans consider life insurance a necessity. However, 41 percent of respondents in 2017 did not have any life insurance.

Financial changes are a fact of life. Changes occur at every turn, including when students leave home for the first time, people get married and when families purchase their first home. One of the biggest financial changes occurs when starting a family.