Life insurance is one of many components of estate planning. Statistics from the insurance industry groups Life Happens and LIMRA indicate that 70 percent of Americans consider life insurance a necessity. However, 41 percent of respondents in 2017 did not have any life insurance.

Financial changes are a fact of life. Changes occur at every turn, including when students leave home for the first time, people get married and when families purchase their first home. One of the biggest financial changes occurs when starting a family.

I’ve always heard about my husband’s close buddies and how fate saved his life. That night he was supposed to take a short drive with his friends, but plans changed. It was early evening when his friends disappeared. It took almost 24 hours for them to be found with countless cars driving ov…

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For some people, making this year better than the last may include looking for affordable ways to have a more health-conscious menu at home.

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While many make New Year’s resolutions to get physically fit and include more green foods in their diets, financial advisers at Edward Jones want Northlanders to focus on another kind of fitness and green, their financial fitness and money.


Poinsettias are synonymous with the holiday season. These colorful plants brighten homes with hues in variations of red, white and pink, making them a holiday decoration many people love.

Spending time with family and friends is a long-standing holiday tradition. We travel together, enjoy holiday meals and catch up around the table. Being close to one another also allows for the easier spread of viruses. So while you’re enjoying the togetherness, be sure to take time to prote…

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As the holiday shopping season is here, parents, grandparents and other important people in children’s lives may wonder what gifts are best for children. The following is a collection of items recommended by experts for children of different age levels that typically cost less than $50.