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Dr. Amy Patel

Every advantage counts when it comes to the fight for early detection of breast cancer. Liberty Hospital recently introduced a leading-edge technology to aid in early detection of breast cancer that also will reduce unnecessary biopsies. The technology is an FDA-approved artificial intelligence breast ultrasound tool, and Liberty Hospital Women’s Imaging has become the first breast center in the Midwest to offer AI for breast imaging capabilities by partnering with Koios.

“AI for breast technology helps ensure our patients receive the very best treatment and support we can offer,” said Dr. Amy Patel, medical director of Liberty Hospital Women’s Imaging.

Koios’ AI breast ultrasound tool helps physicians to analyze ultrasound images. It improves accuracy and efficiency in breast cancer diagnosis. With more than 400,000 images in its database, the AI tool acts as a second opinion consult and supports the diagnostic accuracy of the breast radiologist.

“As a breast imager, I make the finding myself. However, this tool helps me make informed decisions about lesions I might be on the fence about recommending a biopsy or short interval follow up,” Patel said.

Liberty Hospital also recently added an advanced SuperSonic Imagine’s Aixplorer ultrasound system to its resources to diagnose breast cancer. For patients who require a breast ultrasound, the Aixplorer offers strikingly crisp images, which are helpful in identifying benign and cancerous lesions, and classifying difficult category 3 and 4 lesions. This leading-edge technology benefits patients by reducing unnecessary biopsies.

“These technologies truly provide us an advantage in the fight against breast cancer,” Dr. Patel said.

To watch a video about the AI technology, visit

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