Streaming Smithville sports live

Smithville School District will be installing two camera systems, one in the high school gym and the other in the stadium. With this new technology, the district will be able to live stream all events occurring in those locations online for free.

SMTIHVILLE — State-of-the-art camera equipment is being donated and installed at Smithville High School this school year, changing the way families can watch some Smithville sports for years to come. Installation is slated to be complete before the end of the winter sports season.

Those interested will be able gain access to live broadcasting through the National Federation of High School Associations and its Pixellot program found online at {a href=”http://%20https//” target=”_blank”} All programs are broadcast nationally, Smithville Athletic Director Darren Shaffer said.

A high definition camera will be installed in the high school gym and another in the outdoor stadium, Assistant Superintendent of Support Services Wayne Krueger said. Advertising, the assistant superintendent said, is expected to pay for the $3,000 cost to broadcast events for viewers.

“They will provide live, free-of-charge broadcast of all activities that are scheduled on the field and in the gymnasium for anyone who wants to get online and watch,” he said. “The technology is pretty slick. It is actually all done robotically.”

Sports not featured for live stream through Pixellot cameras as they are not played in the gym or stadium are swimming, cross country, baseball, softball and golf.

Pixellot cameras are programmed to follow the action, which Krueger explained, in most cases, means following the ball. Cameras also pick up the public address system, so those watching will be able to hear what is happening.

While regular season games are free for viewers, postseason coverage may come with a monthly fee.

“Any postseason games are actually subscription, which is about $10 per month,” Krueger said.

Krueger said the broadcast team with the Smithville Media Network is on board with the project and their capabilities to post videos for away games at {a href=”” target=”_blank”} will remain the same.

“They will still have full access to all away activities to do exactly what they do,” Krueger said. “Then, in this program, they have full access to still do commentary through the camera system, ... but it won’t be broadcast through the YouTube channel. It will be broadcast through the National Federation of High School Athletics. It will just be a different host site.”

Other perks of the new broadcast system Krueger said, include families now being able to watch underclassmen games, those of the middle school and high school freshmen; all levels of volleyball; and the annual powder puff game.

“We just really, really broaden our footprint here,” Krueger said with a smile. “It’s very exciting.”

Northwest Editor Sean Roberts can be reached at or 389-6606.

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