Senior Send-offs: Jakob Lewis, Liberty North

The Courier-Tribune’s Senior Send-offs is an effort to recognize student-athletes at Liberty, Kearney and Smithville high schools who had the end of their senior year disrupted by school closures as a result of COVID-19 and related stay-at-home orders.


Jakob Lewis


Liberty North High School


Cross-country, Track and Field


University of Kansas


Sports Marketing and Management

Favorite high school memory:

"The travel meets were some of my favorites, from St. Louis to Columbia. Also those Friday nights under the lights in the spring, it's something that I’ll remember forever. Really, just all the times I spent working with the same guys for multiple seasons and years."

Coach/Teacher who made the biggest impact:

"Both David Chatlos and Lindsey Plaster in different ways shaped me into the runner I became.

Chatlos was the one who coached me every season and in every sport. He stuck true to me despite my injuries and kept trying to make me a better runner. I spent 4 years with him through ups and downs, but I'm still grateful to have him as my coach.

Plaster was the one who helped me mentally, the only one who’d combat my attitude and really give it to me like it was. She cared for me and if that meant getting at me, she would. She played a massive part in the person I am as well as the runner.

All my coaches in some way played a part in that, from coach Marie Goeglein, Mike Klug, Mark Krause and even if it was only for a few weeks, coach Callie Farrell."

Thing you will miss the most about high school:

"I will miss being a kid, being careless and having fun within sports knowing it’s not over for you yet. I'm going to miss so much in all aspects of my last four years, but as for running, I’ll miss it so much more. I'll miss the runs in the afternoons in the fall, meets on those cool Saturdays, spending time with those guys and then taking it to the track in the spring. Just everything about it I’ll miss, even if I made it seem like I hated it. Trust me, I loved it."

Best part about high school and this community:

"The best is the great places we had to run, the beautiful downtown Liberty in the fall and a great stadium and track in the spring. Also, one of the best things was the environment we had as a team. The amount of texts I’ve gotten from guys and girls I’ve run with makes me realize how important I was to some of them. It made me feel like I meant more to them off the course and track than I did on it. It really makes me miss it all so much more."

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