Senior Send-offs: Jillian Fleming, Liberty

The Courier-Tribune’s Senior Send-offs is an effort to recognize student-athletes at Liberty, Kearney and Smithville high schools who had the end of their senior year disrupted by school closures as a result of COVID-19 and related stay-at-home orders.


Jillian Fleming


Liberty High School


Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Track and Field


Northwest Missouri State (Basketball)



Favorite high school memory:

"My favorite sports memory was either going undefeated during the regular season this year for basketball or being coached by my brother and making it to state my sophomore year."

Coach/Teacher who made the biggest impact:

"The coach that had the biggest impact on me throughout high school is Coach Joe Price (head varsity basketball coach). He kept me accountable, challenged me, and was always honest with me. He is someone I can count on, always go to for advice, and he pushed me to be the player and person I am today. I wouldn't be playing basketball in college without him."

Thing you will miss the most about high school:

"What I will miss most about my high school experience is the people. Seniors are leaving Liberty and going off on their own in just a few months. People I've relied on and grown up with during school and athletics will no longer live in the same town and go to school with me but will be taking on new adventures in the next chapter of their lives. Obviously with social media and technology, it won't be hard to stay in touch but it will be difficult being away from home and not attending LHS together."

Best part about high school and this community:

"The best part about Liberty is how supportive the community is. No matter the sport, activity, or club you get recognition and support from community members. Growing up in Liberty I always felt the family aspect of the community but it especially sticks out to me during the Liberty vs. Liberty North rivalry games. The whole town comes out to support and watch and the environment is insane."

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