Senior Send-offs: Liam Wolfe, Smithville

The Courier-Tribune’s Senior Send-offs is an effort to recognize student-athletes at Liberty, Kearney and Smithville high schools who had the end of their senior year disrupted by school closures as a result of COVID-19 and related stay-at-home orders.


Liam Wolfe


Smithville High School




Metropolitan Community College Kansas City (Soccer)



Favorite high school memory:

"I have a lot of them if I am being honest but my favorite ones would have to be either winning districts my sophomore year or beating Platte County my senior year, giving them one of their two losses that season."

Coach/Teacher who made the biggest impact:

"I have two. One coach that has had a huge impact on me is of course coach Jon Reed... and Jim Watt, and Wally (Matt Walleman). For the past four years, they have coached me and given me opportunities to play soccer at the highest level in Smithville. They have helped create some of the best memories of high school. I would also like to thank a teacher that has helped me out all four years and that is Mrs. (Jennifer) Parrott. She has given me a support system, someone to talk to and has really helped me out in some of the bad points in my high school career."

Thing you will miss the most about high school:

"The thing I will miss most about my soccer experience in high school is just how close everyone is and how everyone is family on that team. Also playing FIFA at Lance McNeece's house before every soccer game. But about high school in general, I am going to miss the community and the atmosphere at Smithville High School. We are all very close there and I will miss that closeness or the friendships I have created there."

Best part about high school and this community:

"The best part about Smithville is the community, how close everyone is and how much everyone cares about each other. That is the most important thing and I think that is what makes Smithville the best because if you can get a community that cares about everyone then you are living and going to high school in a pretty great place."

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