This Senior Send-offs feature is an effort to recognize student-athletes at Liberty, Kearney and Smithville high schools who had the end of their senior year disrupted by school closures as a result of COVID-19 and related stay-at-home orders.


Luke Mathews


Liberty North High School


Football, Basketball


Northwest Missouri State University (football)



Favorite high school memory:

"Although there are quite a few, I'd have to say it was beating Liberty in football. Not only are they our crosstown rivals, which makes the win feel twice as good, but our team fought the whole game and I had a big play at the end, so definitely a memory that will last forever."

Coach/Teacher who made the biggest impact:

"I can't say one coach/teacher had a bigger impact than another. Every single one of them was there for me when I needed them and played an important role in shaping me into the guy I am today. Yes, I spent more time with my football and baseball coaches than I did my teachers, so I have a better relationship with them, but every teacher I've had was important too."

Thing you will miss the most about high school:

"Very generic answer, but being around people that I love. I got to see my friends every day. I got to see kids that I went to kindergarten with, kids that I played little league baseball and pop warner football with — even kids that I had just befriended is the past year or two. Those relationships that will last forever are the ones that I will be most thankful for, because high school helped us grow closer. And of course football and baseball."

Best part about high school and this community:

"There are a million reasons I could give you as to why Liberty North is the best high school in the Metro, so I can't narrow it down to just one, or even a few, because that wouldn't be enough to justify how great our high school is and how great the city of Liberty is in general. I feel very lucky to have grown up in a place like this and attended a high school like Liberty North, because without them I wouldn't be the person I am today without the teachers who cared for every one of their students and the coaches who had high expectations for every athlete and loved every one of them like a son/daughter.

I can truthfully say that without every friendship I had, without every teacher/coach I was blessed to be taught by, I wouldn't be on my way to NWMSU to play football, and overall wouldn't be able to take this huge leap into an inevitable new life. But, I feel comfortable taking this leap because of the people I met at Liberty North. Because of the fans that cheered me and my teammates on at every level, even as a freshman. And the mentors I had that have led me down the path of this thing called... life."


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